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Sending your Omnivore data to other apps with Webhooks

Omnivore allows you to send your reading data in realtime using webhooks. When a new page is saved or updated, a webhook can be triggered.

Upon setting up the webhook URL, that URL will recieve post requests of the selected webhooks. Here is an example of the body of a POST request for PAGE_CREATED

    "action": "created",
    "userId": "<YOUR USER ID>",
    "page": {
        "type": "page",
        "userId": "<YOUR USER ID>",
        "id": "f187586d-1380-4c1b-887f-140fb9217465",
        "slug": "fast-api-experiment-middleware-feature-by-life-is-short-so-enjoy-18a22a66735",
        "description": "While I worked on adding authentication into FastAPI application, I had a chance to take a look the FastAPI Middleware feature. Let’s try the example in FastAPI documentation. The example is adding…",
        "title": "FastAPI: Experiment Middleware feature | by Life-is-short--so--enjoy-it | Aug, 2023 | Medium",
        "author": "Life-is-short--so--enjoy-it",
        "originalUrl": "",
        "itemType": "ARTICLE",
        "textContentHash": "37e42d0dbd7b710094e77808a81bdd43",
        "thumbnail": "*SDkMzvL5PNsIGchfG-N--w.png",
        "publishedAt": "2023-08-12T08:05:10.316Z",
        "readingProgressTopPercent": 0,
        "readingProgressHighestReadAnchor": 0,
        "state": "SUCCEEDED",
        "createdAt": "2023-08-23T13:47:25.365Z",
        "savedAt": "2023-08-23T13:47:25.365Z",
        "siteName": "Medium",
        "itemLanguage": "English",
        "siteIcon": "*m-R_BkNf1Qjr1YbyOIJY2w.png",
        "wordCount": 1257,
        "archivedAt": null