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Saved Searches

Use the Saved Searches menu to refine your Library view (some filters may be visible by default).

  • Select Read Later to view a list of all your non-archived links except Newsletters.

  • Select Highlights to view the text selections you have highlighted in all your saved pages.

  • Select Today to view a list of links you saved today.

  • Select Newsletters to view links saved via your newsletter subscriptions.

Accessing Saved Searches on iOS

  • Tap the dropdown button in the top left of the library. The Saved Searches button shows the currently active saved search. By default, this is Inbox.

Saved Searches on iOS

Accessing Saved Searches on the Web

  • Choose the saved search you'd like to use from the ribbon buttons at the top of the library. The active seach is displayed in yellow. By default, this is Inbox

Saved Searches on the Web