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Using your email Inbox

Omnivore supports subscribing to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom feeds.


Feeds are a beta feature, if you have questions or feedback please join our Discord and post them in our #feeds-beta channel.

Adding Feeds to Omnivore

To add a feed to Omnivore navigate to the feeds page and click the Add Feed button in the top right corner and paste the URL to the feed in the Add Feed dialog.

When a feed is first added, Omnivore will fetch the last 24hrs worth of items or at least one item if there are no items posted in the last 24hrs.

Organizing Feeds

Feeds will be displayed in the left menu of the Library in the subscriptions section, organized by their name. You can also view all your subscriptions on the subscriptions page. This page has all your newsletter and feed subscriptions, and can be used to unsubscribe from items.

Each feed item is tagged with the RSS label. So you can easily search for all your feed items by clicking on Feeds in the left menu under subscriptions or by doing a label search label:RSS.