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Reading in Omnivore

Click any link saved in your Library to enter the Reader view.

Omnivore formats pages for easy reading and highlighting, removing ads and clutter for distraction-free reading. The text-focused view also makes articles smaller and quicker to load.

While reading, you can:

Change Formatting

  • Theme: Tap your photo, initial, or avatar in the top right corner to access the profile menu. Select the white or black thumbnail to choose the Light or Dark theme.

  • Text Formatting: Tap the Aa icon to adjust the text size, font, margins, and line spacing.

Highlight Text

  • Select the text you wish to highlight.
  • Tap the Highlight button.
  • The text will appear highlighted next time you view the article.

Adding notes to your highlights

  • Highlight a section of text where you wish to add a note.
  • Tap the Note button, type your note, and tap Save.
  • The Note icon will appear next time you view this article.

View All Saved Highlights and Notes

Tap the Highlight/Note icon to see a list of all the highlighted text and notes you have added to this page.

To remove a note or highlight, select it from the list and tap the Trash icon.

Track Reading Progress

Omnivore automatically keeps track of your reading progress across your different devices so you can easily pick up where you left off. A progress bar will appear at the top of each link in your Library after you have started reading.