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Organizing with Labels

By default, the Library inbox displays all links you have saved. To manage your list and keep your reading organized, Omnivore provides the following actions:


  1. Tap the Menu icon next to the link you wish to archive (on the mobile app, long press the link to open the menu, or swipe from the right).
  2. Select Archive.
  3. The link will disappear from the default Library view, but will show up if you select the Archived filter (see Filters below).


  1. Tap the Menu icon next to any link and select Set Labels.
  2. Select an existing label from the list or tap Edit Labels to create a new one.
  3. The label will appear next to the link in your Library. Tap it to view all links with the same label.

Note: Omnivore will automatically assign some labels, such as “Newsletters.”

Omnivore uses allows full-text search of your entire library. To search through all your saved links, enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar.

You can combine keywords with labels and filters to focus your search even further using advanced search.